CEA International

The numbers never lie; but are they the right numbers? The expression "comparing apples to apples" is the golden rule of cost analysis.  However, it's much easier said than done in the real estate business.  That is why at CEA, we try to find and develop metrics to analyze data.  After decades of experience analyzing cost data, we know that there are many different ways to arrive at a destination, and we explore them all.

Every CEA Report includes:

  • Description of the Assignment
  • Information on the Owner
  • Information on the Contractor
  • Information on the Lender
  • Information on the Design Consultants
  • Plan & Specification Analysis
  • Budget & Cost Analysis
  • CEA's Certification and Recommendation

CEA's easy to read index allows the reader to navigate a complex document with ease.  the report is divided into three major sections:
  • Project Data
  • Plan & Specification Analysis
  • Financial Analysis
Every CEA report uses this division making it possible to compare several projects without searching for data.

The CEA reviewer needs to be able to communicate their findings tot he reader in a way that will prove useful not only after the first reading, but many subsequent readings, as well.  Identifying all the project participants is mandatory.

Identifying the project documents and their authors is also important.  Every CEA report allows the reader to reference the consultants on one page and even contact them through email from the electronic versions with the click of a mouse.

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